Let us speed up your search for part time accountancy finance jobs in Cork

If you're looking for part time accountancy finance jobs in Cork it pays to know a little about the current state of the country's employment market. While we have no doubt that you fully understand the dearth of positions on offer in Ireland following the knock on effects of the global economic crisis and the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, there are a few more recent developments that might help to shed some light on proceedings for you.

Since many companies were hit particularly hard by the redundancy packages they needed to pay to full time members of staff to let them go over the past few years, it is becoming increasingly popular for companies to hire the majority of their staff on a part time basis these days. Part time workers don't have the same rights as full time ones, and while they are still protected by basic employment law, their employers do retain the ability to let them go without expensive redundancy packages should business take another turn for the worse.

Despite the increase in part time positions, you'll still be able to find part time accountancy finance jobs in Cork by using the services of some of the more specialised recruitment agencies in the area. In particular, we recommend that you check out FSR Recruitment and Careerwise Employment Agency. Both of these companies have built a reputation in Cork and beyond of being experts at placing staff within financial and clerical positions with some very respected companies. For this reason you should be able to find a decent part time accountancy finance job in very little time.

The money on offer for this kind of position on a part time basis isn't quite at the same levels of the full time positions, but it's worth remembering that wages in general have been falling in Ireland over the past few years. You should expect to earn between €9.50 and €11.75 per hour for your time.

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