Writing cover letters for part time jobs

A good cover letter is every but a important as a good CV. And when it comes to part time jobs, your cover letter should include the following...

Do your research - look at the ad for the part time job. What qualities or qualifications are they looking for? Identify the key words and phrases (like 'flexible' or 'experienced) and make sure you include them in the cover letter.

Who you are - open with one or two sentences describing who you are and what you are looking for. For example, 'I'm a business student with a keen desire to gain experience in a retail environment.'

Explain what you can offer the employer - this is the most important aspect of the cover letter so include it near the top. Don't just repeat the information that is on your CV, summarise your experience and qualifications and relate them directly to the job. It's a good idea to include a brief example to highlight an achievement.

Availability - be upfront about your availability. State how many hours you can work and when you can do them. This means that you won't waste the employer's or your own time if the hours are unsuitable. For part time jobs, employers will expect you to have other commitments, like studies or a second job, and will be understanding about them.

Close on a positive note - try to avoid the standard 'I look forward to hearing from you' or 'I hope to hear from you soon'. 99% of cover letters end in this way. Come up with something original, positive and confident and the employer is more likely to remember you.


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