Finding the best part time 20 hours per week in London recruitment (Jobs)

Are you living in England's capital and beginning the trawl to find a new job for yourself? Getting the C.V's ready and pounding the streets is enough to wear anybody out, so why not make the internet work for you as you search for part time 20 hours per week in London recruitment (Jobs)? We're going to show you a few places you must check to snag a great new job!

Of all the cities in the UK in which to be a jobseeker, London offers by far the most choice and variety of possible careers. Even for someone seeking a job that just offers 20 hours per week, the options are many and varied. For starters, the Guardian website has a fantastic jobs section on their site devoted to London jobs, and you can find it at jobs.guardian.co.uk/jobs/uk/england/greater-london/. Right now, there are a whopping 4,520 jobs being advertised, so there's almost certain to be something for you!

Helpfully, there are also a number of London specific job search engines on line too, making your search a little easier. We highly recommend checking out www.justlondonjobs.co.uk/ for a wide overview of the current vacancies in the area. You can adjust the search to only try and find you part time jobs if you want too.

Finally, for those on the hunt for casual employment, we think you should definitely check out what Gumtree has to offer at www.gumtree.com/jobs/london. This site is perfect for picking up part-time jobs that people aren't bothered advertising on one of the more professional sites!

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