ParentPay for Schools

ParentPay is a private software company that has developed a new payment system for schools, allowing parents to pay for expenses such as uniforms, school meals or supplies easily through the system rather than in direct cash payments. For both schools and parents, ParentPay is a relatively straight forward system easy to manage both from the administrator side and as a busy parent.

ParentPay for Schools

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For schools, ParentPay is a particularly helpful tool when it comes to auditing cash payments. The system uses an online interface to allow secure payments from parents to the school, making it easier for parents to pay for certain expenses and thus reducing the chance of late payment.

The database organises and keeps a record of all payments for easy auditing. Administrators can easily use the information on the database to compile reports and look for errors quickly, as all data is stored electronically and is searchable. For schools that have previously used systems that required the retention of some physical documents, the searchability of information ParentPay offers becomes a valuable tool for administrators.

Because payments are cashless and paid online, this also reduces the risk of payments going missing or theft. The easy online system uses a real time update software so payments are easy to keep track of and transferable to other accounts so funds can quickly be put to use.

ParentPay for Parents

As well as being a reliable and convienant software for school administrators, ParentPay is also exceptionally valuable to parents. Parents no longer have to make trips to the school to make cash payments; the internet browser interface allows access to ParentPay from any computer, and its secure connection uses PayPal to make payments keeping data secure.

As the system incorporates real time updates and accurate retention of information, refunds are easier to issue by the school and overpayments can be calculated with ease. By using ParentPay, parents or guardians are also fully aware of what kind of costs they are expected to pay over the coming year, whether it be for uniform, books or school meals.

Training and Support

ParentPay offer full training and support to school administrators to allow the smooth operation of the system, even though the software is relatively straight forward. Full support is available from ParentPay's technical team, both for school administrators and parents. There are comprehensive FAQs and guides on the ParentPay official website to help anyone get up to speed with the software, which can be found at Parentpay.com.

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