Paperwork to work in US

The land of opportunity that is the USA offers the American dream to anyone who lives and works there. No wonder part of the national anthem declares it the land of the free but you’ll also need to be brave to decide on a move away from the UK. If you’ve already made your mind up, what paperwork to work in the US do you need to complete?
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Moving to America could be the start of a great period in your life and it could make a major difference to your lifestyle for the remainder of your years so don’t expect this to be easy. The process is complicated and involved as the USA doesn’t want to open its doors to just anyone. If you’ve got relatives in the country who can act as sponsors for you, you’ll stand a better chance of acceptance. If not, you’ll need an American employer to support you. Working for a UK multinational company who place you in their American office is another way of making this life changing move.

USA Visas and immigration

There are two Visa categories: immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa. The immigrant visa is needed if you’re thinking of living and working in American permanently. When entering America with this visa, you’ll need to obtain a “green card” which is called a Permanent Resident Card (PRC). The non-immigrant visa is for those who are looking for a temporary stay in the US. This covers temporary work or those who are travelling for a long holiday or for educational purposes.

Final word

Even those with visas are sometimes turned down when they land in America as the visa only allows you to travel to the US. When you land you apply for admission and an immigration officer at the airport will determine if you’re eligibility for admission into the United States.

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