Finding Good Painting Jobs in Liverpool

If you are a professional house painter or an artist who paints on canvas, you can find many opportunities for painting jobs in Liverpool. Liverpool jobs are easily found through searching the Internet for private business listings or through one of several recruitment agencies in town.

The Main Industries for Painting Jobs

Many painting jobs are construction industry related. House painting companies or industrial/commercial building painters are always looking for good employees. Some larger businesses have painters on staff to provide continual maintenance of business facilities, as well.

For artists, there are jobs in teaching, lecturing, and tutoring. Freelance work is also an option. You may find work at a public or private schools or colleges. There are companies that hire artists for window decorating or collage painting and decorating.

Finding Recruitment Agencies for Painting in Liverpool

There really are only three agencies in Liverpool that offer painting jobs. These are the best job agencies in Liverpool to start your job search with. These three are Spectrum Contracting Services, Building Careers UK Ltd., and Grey Seal Recruitment. When it comes to painting jobs, most employers choose to advertise on their own rather than through an agency.

What to Expect for Salary

Painting job salaries can vary widely depending on the type of painting you are doing and whether you are working full, part, temporary or permanent. A painting tutor working a permanent position can make £21,000 to £23,000 per annum, while a part time art lecturer can garner £10 to £12 an hour. A painter working in the industrial sector may earn from £22,000 to £23,000 per annum. Painting jobs in Liverpool can provide a satisfying way to earn a living, knowing that you are adding to the beauty of the town, whether it’s a lovely picture on canvas or a freshly painted home.

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