Where to find paid summer work abroad

The best way to ensure that you get a good pick of paid summer work abroad is to start planning early. Our guide is a great starting point if you're still weighing up your options.

Even though summer jobs are only temporary, if you want to work abroad for any period of time you will need to get organised well in advance. You need to find somewhere to live, flights to and from the country, insurance, an emergency savings fund, the correct tax numbers and, if you are heading outside of the EU, the correct working visa.

Once you've considered the practical arrangements, it's time to start looking for vacancies. Here are some of the best...

  • Bar jobs in Spain - every summer tens of thousands of holidaymakers flock to Spain. The hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs are therefore a great source of employment over the peak summer months.
  • Au pair jobs in France - English speaking au pairs are in high demand in France, and many vacancies exist in desirable holiday areas like the French Riviera and Paris. No experience is required.
  • Labouring jobs in Australia - Picking up a short term working visa for Australia is relatively easy if you're under 35 and a British citizen. Unlike much of the rest of the world, the economy in Australia is going strong, and much of this is fuelled by the mining industry. Casual labourers in the mines can earn up to 40,000 pounds per year - not bad for a summer job!


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