Interested in paid summer jobs abroad?

Paid summer jobs abroad can be a great way to spend a couple of months overseas, meet new people and gain valuable international work experience. Her are a few tips to help.


Before you set your heart on teaching English in Japan or graphic designing in Argentina, research your visa options. Are you eligible for a working visa or do you need employer sponsorship? What are the chances of finding an employer to sponsor you?

How to find vacancies

The best paid work abroad is often found through word of mouth. Do you know someone who lives in the country or has worked there before? Ask them to keep an ear out for potential vacancies.

The internet is also an invaluable tool for finding and applying for vacancies overseas. Use either the standard job search site in the country or a specialised work abroad website (handy if you don't speak the native language of the country).

Work overseas agencies offer to find you work in exchange for sign up fees or for a cut of your wage.

You may also want to travel to the country first then look for vacancies while you're there. This is often easier but you will need enough money to support yourself in case you can't find work.

Jobs available

Paid summer jobs are available in a range of industries, from unskilled jobs in hospitality to professional placements in marketing or advertising. What vacancy you secure largely depends on your work experience and your qualifications.


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