How to find paid home work

Paid home work represents a great opportunity for anyone who wants to earn some extra cash. Stay at home mums, recent retirees, students and people who live in remote areas could all benefit from the flexibility offered by being able to work from home. But how do you find paid home work? Here we outline some of the main methods...

  • Major job search sites like Job is Job (jobisjob.co.uk), Total Jobs (totaljobs.com), Reed (reed.co.uk) and Monster (monster.co.uk) all allow you to search for work from home jobs. There is usually a specific category for home working jobs, so you just select this and results will be filtered instantly. There are often vetting procedures for these websites, so you know that employers are likely to be genuine.
  • Smaller, local recruitment websites are also a good place to look. The major sites above tend to have high advertising fees - often hundreds of pounds per vacancy - which may deter some work from home employers, particularly if the vacancy is part time or casual.
  • Word of mouth is often the most effective way of finding genuine opportunities. This could be "real world" word of mouth - through friends and family, or it could be virtual word of mouth on online forums and chat rooms. Make sure that you spread the word that you are looking for home work jobs.
  • Ask your current employer whether a work from home scheme exists. They may be able to offer you work that you can do from home.

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