Packing and picking Leicester Jobs

Most packing and picking opportunities in Leicester are jobs offered by warehouses, but there's no standard set of responsibilities or requirements listed for all packing and picking vacancies. The warehouse you apply for (where picking and packing jobs are normally carried out) will expect you to undertake different responsibilities depending on the type of warehouse and the nature of the job positions.

In Leicester the most common types of warehouses are:

  • Fabric manufacturers. They're not responsible for the shipping or clothing orders but instead pick fabric for other companies to order; these factories aren't very popular in the UK any more as most companies moved overseas for their fabric production, but there are still a few in Leicester that offer picking and packing jobs.
  • Clothing warehouses. These warehouses deal with picking stock to order, packing store correctly for shipment and processing clothing orders to individual customers or other large retailers.
  • Storage warehouses. Technically, a storage warehouse could be for any kind of company, even medical companies. You'll undertake the same general duties are other picking and packing jobs in Leicester but these positions may require extra experience in quality control, environmental control and specialised packing techniques.
  • Food warehouses. Again, you may need additional training, experience or qualifications to undertake this kind of position as it involves perishable food items (which are governed by strict trading rules in the UK).
  • Delivery centres and depots. Much like warehousing you'll be expected to pick items to order and pack these for delivery, but it's most likely you'll be working for a larger organisation (such as a retail company) and could be dealing with a variety of stored products, such as perishable foods and items and clothing at the same time.


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