Packing cards at home: scams or jobs?

There are plenty of genuine work from home jobs for anyone who is willing to work hard and use their expertise. However, many of these jobs are online based and require at least basic technical skills. If you don't feel comfortable working with computers, you might seek a job in another industry. Packing cards at home jobs could seem ideal.

However, we urge you to exercise extreme caution when applying for these positions. All too often, card packing jobs turn out to be scams. The recruiter will take your cash and you may never hear from them again. If you do hear from them, you'll only receive instructions on how to continue the scam.

So what is the scam? Innocent applicants are asked to make some sort of upfront payment. This is usually glossed over and described in an innocuous manner, like a joining fee, sign up fee, initial investment or starter pack. You could also be asked to purchase the cards and envelopes and told that the employer will buy them back from you when they are packed - for a profit.

However, there is no real work involved. No product is produced or no service is offered. Instead, the recruiter will keep a portion of your sign up fee and pass the rest back to the person that recruited them. You may recognise this as a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes are often cleverly disguised, and described in a manner that makes them seem win-win. However, almost everyone who gets involved in one loses their money.

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