Looking for PA, secretarial or receptionist in Merseyside jobs? Look here

If you're looking to start a new career as a personal assistant, secretary or receptionist then there are a number of things that you should know first. It always pays to research new positions before you begin to apply for them in order to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding with the application and interview process. Once you know exactly that your potential employers are looking for, it's much easier to know just what to say in order to enhance your chances of success.

When it comes to PA, secretarial and receptionist in Merseyside jobs, it always pays to ensure that you are familiar with all the computer software you are likely to use. For most office jobs this means the Microsoft Office suite, or something similar, with particular focus on the word processing and spreadsheet based elements. While for a role such as receptionist, PA or secretary, you'll also need a high degree of knowledge when it comes to the various email programs like Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook.

If you're just starting out with no previous experience, then your best chance of finding work in this field in Merseyside is to go through some of the recruitment agencies in the area. In particular we recommend Hamilton Mann (4 Station Road, Melling, 0151 524 3111) and At Peak Resourcing (Aintree Building, Aintree Racecourse Retail & Business Park, 0151 523 0612). These companies will get you placed in a position where you can build up your experience, and should you decide to go it alone at a later date you'll be much better prepared.

Those of you who do have experience, on the other hand, can expect to make much more money with wages starting at around £10.50 per hour and increasing to anywhere as high as £16.20, depending on the type of company you end up working for.

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