Are you interested in a PA, secretarial or receptionist in Hertfordshire career?

The administration industry is one of the biggest employers in the UK and there are always employment opportunities in this area. A PA, secretarial or receptionist in Hertfordshire career is available with a huge number of businesses in the county.

Pay a visit to local business parks, such as Foxholes Business Park on the John Tate Road in Hertford. You'll find a large number of businesses that require the services of PAs, secretaries and receptionists here.

Job search websites are another fantastic source of PA, secretarial and receptionist jobs in Hertfordshire. Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed are some of the leading jobs sites that give you access to hundreds of these vacancies.

The most important thing to do when you're using a job search website is upload a current CV on the website. Once you've completed this simple step, you're free to apply for any of the positions that catch your eye. And it also gives employers and recruitment agencies access to your details, when they're using these sites to fill vacancies.

Many businesses need PAs, secretaries and receptionists to start working immediately, and it can be a major advantage having your name in for a vacancy as soon as it becomes available. Registering for email alerts of new vacancies with jobs sites is the best way of doing this.

PAs, secretaries and receptionists are employed in a wide range of industries and wages vary from industry to industry. Most admin staff are paid £7 to £12 an hour.


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