We look at the secret to finding PA, secretarial and receptionist Hampshire jobs

Despite the fact that the job market in the United Kingdom is still a shadow of its former self thanks to the problems caused throughout the country by the global recession, there are still plenty of PA, secretarial and receptionist Hampshire jobs available to those who know where to look.

If you're not particularly familiar with the online job market, then we can help point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the right jobs for your needs.

As an experienced receptionist, you'll be expected to know all the major computer software suites, as well as being comfortable with using the most popular email clients for your day to day communications and appointment keeping. You'll also need to have an excellent typing speed, as well as being an expert at time management. If you tick all these boxes, then you're ready to start your search.

While many people swear by searching using the major UK job sites, we recommend you take a look at some of the Hampshire based recruitment agencies instead. While we understand that many people are sceptical about agencies, we can't recommend them enough.

Not only will they find you excellent work placement as a receptionist, secretary or PA in no time at all, but you'll be able to discuss any problems you're having in the work place with them directly, making for a much more pleasant working life.

There are many recruitment agencies in and around the Hampshire area, but we recommend you check out the following before looking anywhere else due to their excellent track record and experience in the field.

P&D Employment, 5 City Road, Winchester, Phone: 01962 865 152

White Knight Recruitment, Cityline House, Winchester Railway Station, Station Hill, Winchester, Phone: 01962 841 917

Manpower UK, 17 Jewry Street, Winchester, Phone: 01962 844 344

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