Start a PA, secretarial or receptionist in Greater Manchester career now!

It's no surprise that more and more people every year are turning towards the clerical sector for their careers. With almost everyone familiar with the general use of computers these days, it seems like the perfect position for anyone who fancies building a career on their typing, organisation and analytical skills. However before you jump straight in we recommend you do a little research to know exactly what awaits you and what your job prospects are.

In order to be a success in your PA, secretarial or receptionist in Greater Manchester career, we recommend that you ensure familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite of software. This package contains all the most popular office based programs including Microsoft Excel, which is used for spreadsheets, Microsoft Words, which is used for word processing and general documents, and Microsoft Outlook, which is used as an email client (even though something different such as Lotus Notes may well be used here, familiarity with Outlook will ensure that you pick it up relatively quickly).

Your daily tasks will include creating and maintaining spreadsheets, answering the phone, booking accommodation and travel arrangements, creating and responding to emails, maintaining a detailed schedule of meetings and appointments and general office work such as typing, filing and organisation.

It is recommended that you have a typing speed in excess of 55WPM, as well as a high level of accuracy if you are planning on pursuing this type of work as a career.

In order to find the best job opportunities in these fields, we recommend that you focus your attention on the major business parks in the Greater Manchester Area. These business parks contain large numbers of small, medium and large businesses, and they are always on the lookout for keen new staff to supplement their existing core of experienced workers. In particular, we recommend you check out Carrington Business Park, Manchester Science Park and Abbey Business Centre for maximum chances of success.

Depending on your level of experience, you should expect to earn between £9.20 and £11.15 at first, but this can rise as high as £15.50 as you progress, depending on the company in question.

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