Find some great PA, secretarial and receptionist in Greater London jobs here

While the rest of the United Kingdom was struggling desperately in the grip of the recession, it seems that London got off relatively lightly. Thanks to the high concentration of businesses located in England's capital, there was always going to be much less of an effect from the global downturn, but now that things are starting to improve London is certainly the very best place to be in order to find the job that could kickstart a brand new career for you.

When looking for PA, secretarial or receptionist in Greater London jobs we recommend that you focus your attention on the numerous business parks on the outskirts of the city. In these you'll be able to find a huge number of companies, varying in size from small startups to huge multi national corporations who all have huge need for secretaries, personal assistants and receptionists. In particular we recommend looking at Waterlook Business Centre, 180 Piccadilly and St Mary Axe.

While you'll certainly face a lot of competition, it's worth remembering that any prior experience of working in these fields will stand you in great stead when it comes to the crunch. As an experienced receptionist, personal assistant or secretary you can expect to earn between £10.60 and £18.80 an hour starting off. As you grow into the role it is likely that your wage will increase to reflect your improved abilities.

We recommend searching for these jobs on the excellent reed.co.uk, a website with a fantastic reputation of offering the very best vacancies available throughout the Greater London Area.

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