We look at what you need to start a PA, secretarial or receptionist Essex career

Now that many companies are finally starting to look towards hiring new staff, as well as potentially expanding their staff numbers now that it looks like the worst of the recession is over and the economy begins the upwards climb again, there are an ever increasing number of PA, secretarial and receptionist in Essex career opportunities opening up.

If you like the sound of this, then you should first consider the type of work that you'll be required to carry out on a day to day basis. Due to the fact that you'll need to manage other people's schedules, as well as keep them up to date as to when they are due in important meetings, excellent time management skills are absolutely essential.

You can make this a little easier on yourself by using some of the excellent time management based solutions included in popular email software like Microsoft's Outlook. With this in mind, you'll also need to be able to display a strong familiarity with computers, especially the Microsoft Office suite of software.

A good working knowledge of the internet, particularly in searching for things like accommodation and travel online, is a definite bonus. Since you'll spend a lot of time typing, it's also desirable that you have solid typing skills. You don't need to be the fastest typist in the world, but it's important that you can type accurately and at a solid pace.

The job search should primarily focus on the areas in Essex that have the highest chance for finding work. Many people swear by the public sector for this kind of work, but it's worth noting that the wages will be an awful lot lower than they will in the private sector, with the average hourly wage coming in at around £7.00 per hour. You can expect between £9.00 and £15.00 depending on the employer in the private sector.

We recommend that you focus on some of the business centres in the Essex area when it comes to the application process. Not only are these areas easy to get to, but they also have a high concentration of businesses in centralised locations, meaning that the chances of finding work there are much higher. In particular, we recommend you take a look at Chelmsford Business Park, Gosbecks Business Park and Tollgate Business Park.

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