Looking for a job in the Oxford Street area of London?

We know how much of a pain it can be to search for work these days. With the economy the way it is it's not surprising that so many people out there are almost ready to throw in the towel. Fortunately those of you who are sick and tired of the online job search, where competition is through the roof and very few people have a solid chance of finding work, have something to be optimistic about.

By checking out one of the many excellent recruitment agencies near the Oxford Street area of London you should be able to get yourself back into work as quickly as possible. Before you can be accepted to the agency's books, you'll need to complete an application form which requires your previous work experience, your education and your skills and qualifications. Once that has been submitted you may be required to partake in a brief interview to determine whether or not you have the right personality for the agency.

Once all that is done, all going well your information will be entered into the agency's database and you'll be informed should any positions match your profile. While the majority of agency found jobs used to be clerical in the past, things have changed and most of them now cover a wide range of different industries and sectors.

If you're not sure which recruitment agencies in the Oxford Street area are right for you, we recommend you take a look at any of the ones on the list below;

  • HW Select, 162-168 Regent Street
  • Attic Recruitment, 79-80 Margaret Street
  • Kelly Services, 31 Grosvenor Gardens
  • Office Angels, 71-75 Buckingham Palace Road


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