Ovo Energy Bristol jobs

Ovo Energy is a company which finds itself growing at a rate of knots due to its succeessful first years in the UK energy market. A growing company can only mean good news for those seeking work and there are some attractive positions available with Ovo Energy in Bristol. These jobs are wide-ranging so lets take a look at what they are.

5 Ovo Energy Jobs in Bristol

If you are in Bristol and are currently seeking a secure job with an up and coming company then look no further. Ovo Energy Bristol jobs are there to be filled at the moment so if you are interested, waste no more time! Study the company and apply for a job that could best use your skills and experience.

Ovo are looking for a team of full time Customer Service Advisors based in Bristol that will be at the forefront of Ovo's interatcion with their growing customer pool. These positions require caring and competent customer advisors to continue to promote the Ovo name and experience by helping customers get the most from their Ovo Energy plan. This position includes full training and salary of £17,000 with benefits as well as bonuses for high performance.

Ovo Energy Bristol are also looking for a Head of Infrastructure to make tactical and strategic decisions for Ovo going forward in terms of creating scalable IT Systems that will serve the company well as it continues to grow. This job comes with much responsibilty and it pays well too at around £70,000 per annum with benefits and bonuses.

Other positions currently available at Ovo Energy Bristol include a Settlements Analyst, a Collections Specialist and a Director of Information Systems.

Ovo Energy Careers

For Ovo Energy Bristol jobs, take a look at the dedicated Bristol page at www.ovoenergycareers.co.uk/pages/our-locations/bristol to see what current jobs are available as Ovo energy continue to grow their customer base in the UK. Here you can also register your interest in working for Ovo and get automatic emails for new positions that arise.

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