Tips on overseas volunteering for older people

Are you interested in overseas volunteering for older people? Here are some top tips to help you make the most of your volunteering experience:

  • Use your expertise: as an oler person, you will have more life experience, as well as more paractical experience and skills, than the majority of young volunteers. This makes you a very useful person to have involved in a project! If you have specific expertise, for example, in medicine, a trade, or community planning, be sure to pursue a volunteering job that will allow you to use it.
  • Be sure that you are making a difference: many "volunteer" vacations these days turn out to be re-packaged tours that only serve to make money for the organising company. If you're going to volunteer overseas, make sure that you're contributing to a worthwhile cause. Seek out opportunities with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profit charity bodies. You can also contact a project directly to enquire about opportunities.
  • Be on the look out for scams: while there are many genuine ways to volunteer, there are also ruthless con artists who pose as a charity or volunteering organisation in order to part you with your hard earned cash. Always do a background check on any company you are thinking of booking with or giving your personal details to.
  • Speak to your doctor before you go: many countries have diseases that are't present in the UK, and it's important that you're vaccinated against them. Also ensure that you have enough of any prescription drugs that you may be taking.

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