Overseas teaching jobs in Thailand

One of the most fun, and cheapest, ways to travel is to take one of many overseas teaching jobs in Thailand. With English now the world's most popular language, there are so many teaching jobs in Thailand and most teachers can have their pick.

Salaries - Thailand has some of the best overseas teaching jobs because of the salaries offered. While an initial glance might lead you to believe salaries are low, when the Thai cost of living is taken into consideration, you can make excellent money teaching here. Average monthly salaries for a beginning teacher in Thailand are 35,000-55,000 baht (£714-1,120). If you teach at an international school, you can double those salaries.

With the cost of living in Thailand only 25% of the UK and the average tax rate at 10%, imagine how well you can live.

Benefits - Although Thai schools don't offer savings and retirement benefits like UK schools do, they do have other benefits. Many schools give a housing allowance, usually between £75-150 a month, on top of salaries. As a typical one-room apartment in Bangkok can be had for only £100 a month, and even cheaper in the countryside, your rent ends up being paid for too.

Benefits also usually include free lunch, 6-8 weeks paid vacation, at least 15 Thai paid holidays, some sort of health insurance, and even an annual trip with the entire school to the beach or mountains.

Respect for Teachers - Teachers in Thailand are treated with a great deal of respect. If you're a foreign teacher in Thailand, not only your students, but the parents, and Thais in general, will hold you in high regard.

Travel - Thailand is one of the safest, cheapest and easiest countries in the world to travel around. Bus fares from Bangkok to the closest beach are as little as £2, airfares from Bangkok to Chiang Mai only £80 round-trip, and four-star hotels as cheap as £25 a night.

Women who teach in Thailand can safely travel alone (using a little common sense, of course), and in a group of other teachers, you'll have a blast.

Thai Food - Fresh tropical fruits are available all over Thailand sold right from the trees. Half a pineapple is 20p and the freshest you'll ever taste.

You can eat a meal at a Thai street stall for 80p, or in a nice air-conditioned restaurant for £1.30, and Thai food truly is some off the best in the world.

Thousands of western teachers take overseas teaching jobs in Thailand every year, and some never go home. If you want to teach overseas, you couldn't find a better country to do it in.


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