Overseas nursing jobs

Nursing is a career that can take you around the world. Some nurses find work hard to come by in the UK, but it is still a job in great demand around the world. Some countries rely on recruiting qualified nurses from other countries. Here we will look at overseas nursing jobs.

Between 1995 and 2000, Australia and America recruited over 10,000 nursing staff each and gave them citizenship in because they needed nurses. Between 1998 and 2002, the UK brought in nearly 30,000 nurses from abroad. Today, things haven't changed a great deal. There are areas in Africa where there are less than 10 nurses for every 100,000 people.

Having a lack of nurses can be dangerous for patients. It means that there is a greater workload for nurses in employment, which can lead to errors being made and infection being spread.

There is a strong demand for nurses throughout Europe, but with the economy in trouble there often isn’t enough money to employ them. This puts people off training as nurses and leads to greater shortages.

For some people looking for overseas nursing jobs, the most important thing is to find reliable work. Nurses in the UK and Ireland may find work easier in New Zealand, Australia and America. Australia is a popular choice for many and there are several ways to obtain a visa for work. Some people may go under a temporary business visa, the regional sponsored migration scheme, the employer nomination scheme or skilled migration. For more information on nursing in Australia, visit immi.gov.au.

Looking for overseas nursing jobs can be a hard task for people moving abroad, but it often leads to an exciting new chapter in your life. There are many websites available showing jobs and explaining in detail everything you need to do with visas and paperwork to move. Take some time to research visa options before making your decision.

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