Find overseas jobs with animals!

Jobs overseas introduce you to a whole new life experience. We reveal five key areas around the world where there are exciting opportunities you might never have considered.


An excellent example of work overseas jobs is to be found at the rescue centre in Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam. Here motivated animal lovers can join a small but dedicated team of veterinary nurses care for Asiatic Black bears as well as domestic animals.


Kawasan Wisata Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (KWPLH) is an environmental education centre located in Indonesian Borneo. Here vet nurses focus on sun bears rescued from the illegal pet trade, as well as the care of domestic animals.


If you have a genuine love of animals, coupled with excellent communication skills, then Thailand would make a great place to work. Thai animal welfare centres also look after a variety of species, from the fairly exotic to the more familiar. The posts are particularly geared towards English speakers.


The African Wildlife Fund frequently seek administration staff. This is perhaps not as 'hands on' as veterinary staff, but you'll certainly have to be just as familiar with all aspects of conservation. And a work address of Masai Steppe Heartland Office, Arusha, certainly has an exotic flavour!


The Middle East offers many opportunities to gain valuable veterinary experience. The large animal hospital in Amman serves the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and Petra. A whole range of activities are explored, from community outreach programs to projects aimed at managing domestic dog populations.


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