Applying for overseas job opportunities

More people than ever are looking for overseas job opportunities, whether it be in Australia, America, Canada, Europe or even places like Abu Dabi and Dubai. However, when you apply for overseas job vacancies you need to consider each country's procedure for overseas workers and what steps you need to take to ensure you can work legally overseas.

Working aboard

It may seem like a dream job to apply for overseas job opportunities, but you need to make sure you consider all your options carefully and ensure you have the right information to work legally and safely in another country.

Check your employment contract

Before you travel for overseas job opportunities make sure you check your contract thoroughly. You need to be aware of any probationary periods that could hinder your stay and, if the implication is not renewed or terminated at any point in the future, whether this would affect your ability to stay overseas. It's also good to check for escape clauses, any benefits for you or your partner staying aboard (e.g. holidays and sick leave) and if there is any information on securing accommodation.

Salary and tax

Overseas job opportunities will often have lower pay salaries than UK salaries, which are defined from the minimum wage and above. Ensure your position pays enough to cover your living expenses and when the salary is paid.

You also need to check tax regulations, which will differ significantly depending on the country you work in and your status in that country.

Language barriers

Although some countries offering overseas job opportunities use English as a second language, some may not. Even if you're sure you can work effectively and many people in your place of employment will understand you, you have to consider the implications of language barriers outside work and whether this will be a problem.

Get out clause and cost of moving

Finally, when thinking about overseas job opportunities, make sure you can afford moving all of your belongings and possessions to another country and you have all your accommodation ready before you move abroad. However, if you decide to move in the future, you will also need to make sure you have a good back up plan installed for returning to the UK.

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