Find a skilled overseas job

If you are looking for a skilled overseas job, here are some of the best opportunities for qualified professionals...

Architect jobs, China - As the world's fastest growing economy, there are plenty of buildings being erected and architects being hired in China. Shanghai is a mecca for international architects. Salaries are high and creativity is rewarded.

Medical Jobs, Uganda - If you want to do something worthwhile, look for jobs with aid organisations as medical staff. There is a skill shortage in many African countries and doctors and nurses are in big demand. Work is low paid or unpaid.

Advertising jobs, India - As the world's most populous democracy, India has many exciting opportunities for skilled professionals. One of the fastest growing industries is advertising, and experts predict that there are big bucks to be made.

Teaching jobs, Ireland - Ireland needs teachers, so if you're looking for teaching jobs abroad, it's a great place to try. You won't be too far away from home, there will no be language barrier and there's far less paperwork and hassle involved than when moving to other countries.

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