We can help you find an order picker job in London

With jobs at a premium in the United Kingdom these days, it can be hard to find something that is suitable for your skills and abilities. In many cases it pays simply to take whatever you can get, and to keep on searching for work until you find something that is a little more suitable. With this in mind, we recommend that you don't rule out the possibility of taking an order picker job in London.

If you have ever worked in a factory production line or in a stock warehouse before, then you will probably be familiar with the role of order pickers or order packers. For those of you who haven't heard of the role before, or know very little about it, it is generally shift work where you'll be tasked with selecting products to be shipped to customers as part of their orders.

The type of products you are picking will very much depend on the nature of the company you are working for, but it can range from things like video games or music CDs to heavy home hardware equipment, or trade supplies like wood or brick. Make no mistake, this can be very difficult work in a physical sense. As you pick the products and prepare them for packaging, you'll need to scan them into the computer based systems to ensure that everything is accounted for and ready for tracking.

It's not glamorous work, and it only pays in the region of £6.25 to £8.00 per hour, but there is plenty of it available in the London area, especially if you use job sites like totaljobs.com and reed.co.uk in order to search for it. The long shifts may seem like tiring work at first, but since you will rarely work more than three or four days in succession, you'll have plenty of free time to focus on finding something that better suits your skills - all the while you'll be earning some money to keep you and your family ticking over financially in tough times.

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