Opportunities available when you complete your Basic Food Hygiene certificate

The Basic Food Hygiene certificate is a requirement for any type of job that involves working with or handling food. The good news is that it's relatively easy to pass, and you'll find all the information you need to study for it online.

Once you have gained your certificate, you will be eligible to apply for a range of roles. These include...

Cafe jobs - working in a cafe usually involves handling food and dairy products (i.e. milk). Your Basic Food Hygiene certificate is a real advantage when applying for these positions.

Catering jobs - most catering jobs, whether with a company or an agency, require you to have gained the Basic Food Hygiene certificate. These jobs are well worth looking into as some can be paid up to 20 pounds per hour.

Cook jobs - the Basic Food Hygiene certificate is a must for anyone who wants to work as a cook. Unlike chef jobs, cook jobs don't necessarily require any further training or qualifications. The Basic Food Hygiene certificate will prove that you have a firm understanding of health and safety in the kitchen.

Hospital domestic staff - the NHS and private hospitals hire staff to re-heat food and complete light food preparation. If you want to be considered for this role, you should have your Basic Food Hygiene certificate.

Fast food van - Want to work in a fast food van? Most employers will ask that candidates have the Basic Food Hygiene certificate.

Remember that the Basic Food Hygiene certificate must be renewed regularly.


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