Your guide to online working from home jobs

Are you interested in online working from home jobs? There are a range of exciting opportunities out there for anyone who decides to take the plunge and give online jobs a go. Here is some helpful information to get you started.

Online jobs

With many companies across Britain still feeling the effects of the recession that began in 2008, "cost cutting" seems to be the phrase de jour in the business world. And one of these cost cutting measures has been to reduce the number of full time salaried staff on the books, and outsource their work to freelancers who would only be paid when their task was completed.

Where to find online jobs

Consequently, you can find online jobs with a range of companies in a range of different industries. In order to locate these vacancies, start your search on major job sites (think Job is Job or Total Jobs). Although these aren't the best places to locate casual or freelance work, you might find some high paying work from home positions for professionals. Don't neglect free sites, like Gumtree, which are better for those more casual roles. Freelance forums are another invaluable source of information for locating vacancies.

What kind of work is available

Some of the most popular roles for telecommuters include freelance graphic design, data entry, typing work, freelance writing, online tutoring, online assistant work and consultancy work. If none of these roles appeal to you, you could always set up your own website and sell goods wholesale.


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