Could you do online tutoring in the UK?

Are you currently looking for a work from home job? Work from home jobs offer a range of benefits that you just don't get from a regular office job - including flexible hours, the ability to work from wherever you like whenever you like, and the ability to work in peace without a boss looking over your shoulder. It's no surprise then, that more and more workers are turning to work from home jobs as a way to supplement their income or even as a way to replace the day job.

One of the fastest growing opportunities in work form home jobs is currently online tutoring in the UK. Distance learning courses are more popular than ever, and this has created a high demand for tutors who can log on and provide learning support, answer queries, mark work and deliver lessons.

To be an online tutor, you'll often need to have a teaching qualification and teaching experience - although this doesn't normally need to be in the e-learning environment. You should also be IT proficient and self motivated.

There are a few rare opportunities for unskilled tutors. For example, teaching English online online requires that you are a native speaker and have a third level qualification. A TEFL certificate would also be advantageous - but you can obtain these in under two weeks with an intensive course.

Online tutoring in the UK usually involves an average salary - less than what you might expect for face to face tutoring. However, this is the price you pay for enjoying the many benefits of working from home.


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