Thinking about doing an online qualification?

An online qualification is a fantastic way to gain the skills and paperwork you need to pursue your dream job. They are especially suitable for anyone who wants to study in their own time without committing to a timetable or having to physically attend a class or college. Here are some important things to consider...

The qualification you will gain

The truth is that some qualifications are worth more than others, even if they require the same amount of time and effort. If you are unsure about what your online qualification will be worth to an employer, speak to the course provider or preferably, past students on the course. Official qualifications like GCSES, A Levels and degrees will be desirable whether you gain them online or not, but online certificates may not have as much value as other types of qualifications in the eyes of employers.

The skills you will learn

That said, gaining a qualification isn't just about paperwork. If the course will teach you a useful skill, this may be all you need to consider. Online courses are particularly suitable for students of language or IT, where new skills speak for themselves.

The time you can put in

It can be difficult to juggle studying for a new qualification with your work life, family life and social life. Before you sign up to any course, carefully consider what the commitment will mean and how you could realistically manage the demands of the course. Drop out rates for online courses tend to be high.

The course fees

Most online qualification providers are run on a profit basis, and there is not usually any financial help available for their fees. This means that if you want to take an online course, you will normally have to raise the required funds (generally anything from £50 to £5,000) yourself.

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