You can study for an online law degree by distance learning.

You can study your online law degree by distance learning. Various institutions, including International Correspondence Schools Ltd and The Open University, offer courses in law. Both organisations let students study by distance learning provides you with flexibility and home study can fit around your other commitments.

International Correspondence Schools Ltd is the largest distance-learning organisation in the world. They offer two undergraduate law degrees. You can study for a BA (Hons) in Criminology and Criminal Justice or a LLM in International Business Law.

The BA (Hons) in Criminology and Criminal Justice consists of modules. There are 21 modules to choose. Each module is 20 credits and you need 360 credits for an Honours Degree. However, you can gain intermediate awards of Associate Certificate, Certificate, Diploma and Ordinary degree.

The LLM is a Masters degree consisting of seven modules split over three stages. You must complete the seven modules, worth 180 credits, to obtain your Masters. If you complete the first stage or first two stages, then you achieve either a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma. The Certificate costs £2,650, the Diploma an additional £1,799 and the final part of your Masters will cost £1,499. Again, you can pay by instalments.

The Open University lets you study for the LLB (Hons) degree. You can also study for a Certificate of Legal Studies or a Diploma in English Law.

You require 360 credits to finish your LLB (Hons) degree. You will study courses in collaboration with the College of Law. Your taught modules cover the seven Foundations of Legal Knowledge, as required academic subjects for a Qualifying Law Degree that can open up access into one of many of the law professions. Each course is priced individually, so your complete degree could cost around £11,000. For some students, financial assistance may be available. You can also study a Master of Laws. The course consists of compulsory and optional modules.

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