Online job search - How to use job boards

Instead of using the traditional print medium of newspapers (by going to the classified ad section) to search for a job, you now use the internet for the same purpose. An online job search typically involves using job boards.

Search for jobs without registering

You can start searching for jobs right away; no registration required. Use the site search engine or click on the job categories to find the jobs you want. While the search engine may sound like a fast way to get the exact job you are looking for, it may not return all the possible results, rendering your search ineffective.

Register to use the site features

Why register for a free account

If this isn't the only time you will be using this job site, registering for a free account makes sense. Here are some benefits:

  • Save your job searches
  • Get job email alerts
  • Customise your job seeker profile
  • Upload your CV or use the CV builder
  • Apply for jobs in a few clicks

Many job sites boast of having all of the above features, which are free to use. Some sites even let you have your own job seeker webpage with your own unique subdomain URL.

Upload or build your CV online

The CV builder is a built in software programme that lets you create your CV online step by step. Your CV is then hosted for you on the site. Make sure that you set it to 'visible' so that your prospective employers can view it anytime. This is why applying for jobs that are posted on the same site becomes so convenient.

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