Looking for online health and safety courses?

Online health and safety courses are becoming increasingly popular as employers and employees are beginning to realise the need to have a larger number of the workforce trained to different degrees in health and safety.

It is compulsory for workplaces to have certain numbers of trained health and safety workers on site, and this has lead to a big increase in people attending training courses for health and safety, first aid, fire safety etc.

As a potential employee, you become more valuable to an employer if you already have one of these qualifications under your belt, and it can lead to a higher pay rate. It is also a very good career path for some, and there are now a number of online health and safety courses to sign up to.

Envico (envico-online.com) has a huge range of online courses available ranging from DSE and Workstation Health and Safety and An Introduction to Health and Safety at Work courses which both take less than an hour to complete and cost just £25 +VAT, to a NEBOSH General Certificate course which takes 100 hours and costs £845 +VAT.

Another place you can complete online health and safety courses is with Learn Direct (learndirect-business.com). Here you can complete a number of small manageable courses at your own convenience. They can be grouped together to create a larger module of learning and understanding.

Some of the online courses available are Stress Management for employees (£23.99), Fire Safety (£11.99), Health and Safety for Employers (£11.99) and Health and Safety - Law and Practice (£41.99).

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