Are online college degrees for you?

Online college degrees can offer the perfect solution for anyone who wants to gain a new qualification without giving up full time jobs or other commitments.

But online college degrees are not for everyone. You will need a certain set of skills to complete them successfully. Here we round up some of the most important ones...

  • Do you have the correct prerequisites to start the degree? Just like in bricks and mortar institutions, you will need to have completed the right level of pre entry qualifications. These are usually A Levels, foundation degrees, or third level education access courses.
  • Are you self motivated enough to complete the degree? There is a higher drop-out rate in distance learning courses than there is in "real life" courses. So, before you enrol in the course, make sue that it's in a subject that you are passionate about and something that you will be motivated enough to continue.
  • Do you have enough money to cover the fees? Distance learning fees are often higher than fees in bricks and mortar institutions. In addition, you may not be eligible for the same grants and support that you might otherwise receive.

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