Online College Courses UK - The Popular Choice of the Present Generation

Online education is fast capturing the fancy of the present generation mainly because of the benefits it offers to the students. Convenience is the first word that pops into our mind when we think of the online courses. These courses can be done from the comfort of your own home. There are regulatory bodies that monitor the standards of education imparted. With most of the course becoming accredited and accepted by all the major universities, online colleges are here to stay.


Why are the Online College Degrees Becoming Popular?

Flexible study hours and learning at home are some of the reasons why these courses are becoming popular. The range of courses available are amazing and you’ll be sure to get one that will help you in your career advancement. There are very specialized courses for advanced levels of education that include MBAs and other masters degree courses, among others. Such courses must be accredited by a local or monitoring body at the national level for the degrees to be recognized. The are plenty of online college courses in the UK and you are free to pick one that will most suit your career advancement needs.

Let’s have a quick look at the top choices for online colleges in UK.

University of London: This institution specializes in Banking, Business Administration, English, Economics, Finance and Accounting. Course fees starts from £1000 depending on the course and goes up depending on the subject. This is recognized by many as providing a high standard of education.

University of Westminster: Graduate degrees and intensive Master courses are offered by this university. Subjects include everything from Business Administration to Accounting and Finance. Course fees are around £15,000 for the Management courses.

University of Kaplan: Another popular choice for online students. There are a variety of subjects offered. All the programs are accredited and recognized with some of the top courses being criminal justice, legal studies, concord law, IT, health science, and education. Costs depend on the course and its duration.

Manchester Business School: Well known for its world class MBA degree The fees for the 2 year course are about £19,200 for the Management courses.

Open University: This remains by far the most popular and definitely the largest provider of online education. Fees depend on the time taken to complete the course, which can be anywhere from £10,770 to £15,140- depending on the duration of the course.

Warwick School of Business: Considered to be the 6th best online college in UK, it is also amongst the top 25 international institutions. The best degree on offer is the online Business Management program and you can decide on the tenure depending on your schedule. The cost for 3 year split program is £15,500.

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