How to go about getting Olympic village construction jobs

Does the idea of looking at the Olympic Village in London and thinking to yourself "I helped build that" sound appealing? Right now, hundreds of construction vacancies for the London 2012 Olympics need to be filled, and in this blog we are going to show you the places you need to apply to grab Olympic village construction jobs.

The London Olympics are providing an unbelievable boost to the entire city of London, and in particular, the under developed East End. Literally thousands of construction workers are going to be employed in the coming months to help put the finishing touches on the site to make sure it is sparkling by the time the games come around. For starters, we think you should peruse the Jobs for the Games site at www.jobsforthegames.co.uk. This site will give you an indication of what roles are currently available, and if you don't like the look of any of them, you can upload your C.V to get a notification if your ideal job appears.

Another site well worth a moment of your time is the London 2012 Olympics site at www.london2012.com/jobs. This site will have all of the official roles being advertised at the games, including construction jobs at London's Olympic Village.

Finally, the London 2012's organising committee site is extremely well worth a look at locogrecruitment.london2012.com/ as they have plenty of information on jobs at the games. This is another site where you will be able to upload your C.V and get notified of jobs becoming available!


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