Where to apply for oil rig jobs in the United Kingdom

Are you on the lookout for a job that pays a lot of money in a short space of time? There aren't many jobs of that description around, but if you are adventure minded then have you considered possibly looking into oil rig jobs in the United Kingdom? This sector is always growing and there is some serious money to be made quickly on the rigs, so lets check out where you can apply for them.

The reasons oil rig jobs are so well compensated is the fact that you will be working in isolation away from people on an oil rig out at sea. The weather can be bad, and the hours can be long, but you do get excellent time off, and the best part is that you won't have to spend any money as your food will all be provided for on the oil rig.

The first place we recommend to check out is a site tasked with putting people into oil rig jobs, and that site is oilcareers.com. This site has a whopping 357 different oil based careers right now, and there are plenty of jobs to be found on rigs, mostly in the North Sea. Simply upload you C.V and you will be in the hunt for a job in no time.

The next site we recommend you check out is the Oil and Gas jobs page at oilandgasjobsearch.com. This site lists oil rig jobs from around the world, allowing you to travel to far flung destinations and earn some serious cash!


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