How to apply for oil jobs in Aberdeen

If you fancy having a crack at the lucrative oil industry in the UK, then Aberdeen should be your destination. This Scottish city is the centre of the oil industry in the UK thanks to its proximity to the North Sea and the abundant oil rigs that it houses. Most large oil companies have a base here, so in this blog, we are going to show you where you will need to apply to get oil jobs in Aberdeen.

You may not think it, but Aberdeen is one of the richest cities in the UK thanks to the presence of the oil industry. The industry is currently booming too, meaning plenty of work out there for people willing to spend time on the rigs. The work is extremely well compensated, and generally offers a lot of time off.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, then we recommend hitting up the oil industry's job site at oilcareers.com. All you have to do to find their selection of Aberdeen jobs is to refine your search to Aberdeen and check out all of the vacancies on offer. A quick glance revealed a couple of hundred positions open right now in the industry, meaning plenty of opportunities for you to get a job, no matter what your qualifications.

Another fantastic site offering an even closer look at oil jobs in the Aberdeen area is northseaoiljobs.com. This site allows you to upload your CV, and contains in-depth profiles of each company offering jobs in the area, meaning plenty of opportunity for you to do your homework.


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