Qualifications for a security officer job in the UK

Having a security officer job in the UK means you have a rewarding and exciting career option open to you. Security officer jobs are competitive though, so it is important that you know exactly what is involved in the job and exactly what qualifications and experience are required. This article goes some way towards providing an outline for this but to find detailed information you should check out the Sia.homeoffice.gov.uk website.

Personal Characteristics

Personal characteristics are important in security careers. Having a security officer job means having a keen sense of awareness of people's agitations and knowing how to calm them down. It also means keeping an eye out for potential areas of danger or threat. Because of this, security officers must be calm, collected and able to deal with pressure well. Someone who is quiet and observant is more likely to get a job than someone who is powerful and domineering. Personal officer job requirements become more specialised as they require the applicant to be able to interact well with a range of different people as contracted workers will often be guarding many different people over any space of time. For this reason, some knowledge of foreign languages is also useful.

Official Qualifications

Official qualifications in the UK are related to the SIA licence, more formally known as the Security Industry Authority licence. This licence is required by all security staff in the UK and if your potential employer claims you do not need one, you may both be breaking the law so avoid that position. Non-trained staff put people's health and lives at risk.

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