Office jobs for college students

Finding work while you study can help you make ends meet. It can also be a way to accelerate your learning if you work in the sort of establishment you would like to end up working for. We’ve taken a look at the best office jobs for college students so you’ll get some idea of the market.
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Vacancies within your university

Funnily enough this isn’t the first place most of us consider looking but what could be better than getting an administration job with the university you’re studying at? The convenience of working where you study is obvious but you’ll also be walking into a company whose culture you’re already immersed in. Check out your university’s official site for a list of vacancies or get in touch with the institute through their main postal address or switchboard number.


If you’d rather work away from the university you’re studying at, why not check out a site like jobs.ac.uk? This site has all the usual things you’d expect from more established recruitment sites like jobsite.co.uk and monster.com so you can filter the list of available jobs by Role, Wage, Location and Employer Type. With Jobs By Email and a Salary Checker tool, this site has everything you need from a recruitment site. The aforementioned sites are also worth considering for your job searching needs as there’s no harm in spreading the net wide.

International students

International students studying in the UK will have to be aware of working regulations before attempting to find work. Foreign students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week when they’re studying in the UK under a student visa. If the visa says “Work prohibited” or “No work” obviously you won’t be allowed to take a job while you study. You’ll find a bit more information on the subject here.

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