Office Admin Job - The Start of a Career

Admin roles are found in most departments, so an office admin job can mean anything from a filing clerk to a sales administrator. You could be working in finance, sales, marketing or as part of a commercial team. Experience in this type of job could be used in most industries and it can be the first step towards many different careers.


Office admin jobs cover anything from filing to producing invoices. If you were part of a company’s commercial or finance section you could raise invoices, issue them to the clients and be responsible for filing them. The process could be very similar if you worked in a sales admin role. With this type of role, you could be responsible for logging the customer’s sale, liaising with finance about the billing the customer and maintaining the company's record of the sale.


Whether you work in an administration function for the sales department, the finance section or any other part of the business, you will be gaining valuable experience which could help you progress your career within that business or with another firm.


Working in a sale admin role will give you a basic understanding of customer service and experience of dealing with customers and their expectations. You will be part of the sales department, so you will be in the best place to ask questions of experienced sales reps whose knowledge and insight could prove invaluable.


An admin job will help you under the accounting package and the way that the business deals with finance. This will help your career and may prove useful if promotion opportunities arise. As with sales, working with experienced accounting staff could also prove helpful.

Final word

Administration roles are not often roles in which you could have a positive impact on the performance of the business, but in an office admin job you can have a negative impact. Failing to send a large value invoice to a major client or failing to log a huge order for the sales team, could cost the business money, so these roles are best suited to conscientious and hardworking people.

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