Looking for Admin or Secretarial Jobs in London?


Finance Professionals

Finance Professionals is a highly regarded recruitment agency that matches finance, audit, and accounting professionals on a contractual or permanent basis. Additionally, the agency seeks candidates for office adm secretarial jobs in the areas  of finance. Finance Professionals takes job placement activities very seriously. They meticulously match each candidate to the right role and client. Finance Professionals has received a number of awards and commendations due to its commitment to job placements. These awards include The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100, Europe500, and the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For. Finance Professionals has also been awarded the first place honor in The Guardian's Britain's Top Employers Guide 2007.

Office Angels

Office Angels is another job agency in London which effectively matches candidates into specific job positions in a variety of fields. Office Angels has been recruiting candidates for office support staff and secretarial jobs for a number of years. They have nurtured good working relationships with a variety of clients. The company is known for matching quality workers to various types of job roles. Office Angels provides job placements for permanent and temporary jobs. They had a total of 4500 temporary assignments given each week in 2009 alone. This temping agency also has 80 offices that support a variety of clients throughout the entire United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Marks Sattin

Marks Sattin is another recruitment agency in London which is ideal for candidates who want to have a job in the finance, accounting or insurance industry. Marks Sattin seeks office administrators, financial planners, accountants and internal auditors. The company has served thousands of clients in the field of finance for over 20 years. This agency also adheres to a strict process when it comes to job placements and recruitment. Marks Sattin has guaranteed full honesty, transparency and confidentiality for each jobseeker. Marks Sattin also provides the candidates feedback and advice about certain clients and market information. They also help candidates prepare for a job interview to increase their chances of getting a position. Marks Sattin can help candidates find a role in specific fields in the finance industry, including commerce, consultancy, financial services, corporate finance, public practice, taxation and treasury.



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