Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) Jobs in Canada

Operating Department Practitioners, or ODPs as they are commonly known, are essential personnel in any hospital or surgical institute. They carry out important tasks both before and after surgery, and are core members of any operating room team. There are currently a number of ODP jobs available in Canada, which are open to qualified applicants from around the world.

In order to obtain work as an ODP in Canada, applicants must hold an Operating Department Practice Diploma in Higher Education. These can be obtained from any of the 28 universities in the United Kingdom which offer this course. Generally these courses last for up to two years, and are a mixture of practical work experience and taught hours.

ODP jobs in Canada are similar to those in the rest of the world. The exact job description may vary, depending on how the hospital in question organises its preoperative care, but candidates will be expected to be capable of performing a range of duties. For example ODPs must be able to prepare a patient for surgery. This generally involves working closely with an anaesthetist both before and during the operation. ODPs should know how to prepare the anaesthetic machines and instruments in advance of the surgery and also be capable of checking the apparatus used to provide oxygen to the patient. During the operation itself they may be required to assist the surgeon, by passing him or her instruments and by performing various other tasks. Once the operation is over the ODP must monitor the patient and ensure that they are not suffering any adverse side effects.

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