A guide to the best UK institutions for a nursing degree

The training process required in order to become a registered NHS nurse is currently in the process of a major reform. From 2011 to 2013, all nursing diploma qualifications will be phased out and replaced by degrees. However, students taking diplomas before 2013 will not be affected by these new changes.

City University in London offers an Adult Nursing degree that allows aspiring nurses to register with the UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council. The course allows students to benefit from some of the capital's top clinical environments, including The Royal London hospitals.

Typical entry requirements include 3 A-levels with 2 B grades and a C grade, in addition to a minimum of five GCSEs with a C grade in English and Maths. Applicants who are shortlisted for the course will be asked to attend an interview, which will provide them with the opportunity to express their professional skills.

For applicants who have slightly lower grades for their A-levels, or expect to receive a lower grade, other universities offer lower entry requirements. The University of Essex, for example, asks for a minimum of two A-levels at grade C or an equivalent diploma. This nursing qualification is often used as an opportunity to pursue further study with Essex's School of Health and Human Sciences.

Other universities that have a strong reputation for nursing include the University of East Anglia, Staffordshire University and the University of Edinburgh. For more information on the types of nursing degrees that are available in the UK, applicants should visit nhscareers.nhs.uk, which provides detailed advice for individuals interested in studying for a nursing qualification.

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