Where to find nurse vacancies

Nursing vacancies can be obtained from both national health and private health organisations. There are a variety of nursing vacancies within the NHS.

There are vacancies for an adult nurse whose primary responsibility is to nurse sick and injured adults back to health whether they are in hospital or within the community. Children’s nurses who are responsible for the care of sick children, administering medication and supporting parents through the child’s illness or injury. Dental nurses provide support to dentists including preparation of instruments, mixing materials and ensuring that patients are comfortable. Learning disability nurses work closely with disabled individuals and assist them to live as independently as possible. Their work can be carried out either within a hospital or residential care setting or within the local community. Mental health nurses provide care and support to those with mental health problems.

Nursing vacancies can be obtained through the NHS website where applicants can search and apply for suitable vacancies through the online application system. Nurses will also be required for private clinics and larger health organisations such as Bupa and current vacancies can be obtained from their respective websites. Another source of nursing vacancies within the UK are from agencies. If you wish to work for an agency you will need to register and may be asked to provide a list of your credentials to verify that you are suitably qualified. Nurses can be based within a hospital or care setting or within the local community so consider your chosen location when you are looking for nurse vacancies.

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