What duties do nurse jobs involve?

Nurse jobs can be a rewarding and fulfilling career. Here are some of the typical duties a nurse will complete on a daily basis...

  • Monitoring symptoms and progress in patients. This includes observing and recording symptoms and any changes that may have occurred in the patient's overall condition.
  • Making accurate and detailed reports on patients and then setting up a care plan for the patient.
  • Communication is an important part of nursing jobs. Communicating with patients and other nurses, supervisors and doctors happens regularly.
  • Technical duties include taking and monitoring residents' vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature and level of pain.
  • Collecting samples for testing and emptying catheter bags.
  • Assisting doctors during surgery and treatment procedures.
  • With increased specialisation, nurse practitioners take on some secondary care responsibilities, including anaesthesiology, mid wives and other clinical responsibilities.
  • Senior nurses are often relied on to give direction and supervision to junior nurses and nursing assistants. This involves helping with training and assigning duties.
  • Most nurses work directly with patients and their families. They are the patient's main point of contact while in hospital. They assist patients and their families in understanding how to manage their health issues, and provide information on home care after their treatment.
  • Nurses may also teach patients how to self administer medication once they leave hospital.

Do you think you've got what it takes? Check out the website of your local NHS Trust and see if they are hiring. Most vacancies allow you to apply online by filling in the digital application form.


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