How to use numeracy resources for teachers

Why use numeracy resources for teachers

For some pupils, maths is a problematic subject. In some cases, it is even dreaded. How then do you, as a maths teacher teach this subject to all the pupils in your class? It is up to you to be creative and turn to sources different than those you normally use. And what better place to look for these resources than the web?

Get your free printables

You can get these resources from a general teaching resource site or from a site that is dedicated to maths. Select by the grade or topic and voila! You get more resources than you can use at any one time.

How to print economically

All you need is an internet connected computer and a printer. If cost is a concern, use a monochrome laser printer. Monochrome prints out in black and white only. For the most part, this is sufficient. A laser printer is ink efficient, which means that you replace the ink cartridge less frequently. Printing in draft quality too, may be sufficient. You can of course, chose to use both sides of a single sheet. Now you are saving ink, colour and paper all at the same time.

How to be a better teacher

As a teacher, you may be earning anywhere from 23,000 to 40,000 pounds a year. But the key lies in the satisfaction of your teaching experience and free educational web resources can help you, almost effortlessly. Seeing your pupils do better in maths as a result of your effort is gratifying.


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