We look at some potential Nottingham job Tesco vacancy jobs

As one of the biggest brands in the United Kingdom in any sector, Tesco has made a name for itself as a top class employer thanks to the fact that it can offer an enjoyable and fast paced working environment, competitive wages and plenty of opportunities for promotion for staff of all kinds. There are an abundance of Nottingham job Tesco vacancy jobs opportunities on offer at any given time, either on a part time or full time basis, so if you think that a career in retail might be for you, this guide might come in handy.

The majority of entry level, non-graduate positions at Tesco tend to involve working as front line staff, either manning the tills to serve customers, stocking shelves or working behind the scenes in warehouses or stock rooms. For the most part these positions will offer employees between £5.93 and £6.20 per hour for the initial year or two of employment. While this might not sound like an awful lot, you should look upon it as the beginning of a potentially great career with plenty of opportunities available for hard workers to make their way up the employment ladder and eventually into managerial roles.

For those of you who are newly graduated, Tesco also offer a great graduate scheme. You can check out all the details at tesco-graduates.com, but as an overview, you can expect to find plenty of behind the scenes corporate based positions with the company in Nottingham and beyond that will make the most of your new college or university qualification. It doesn't matter if your degree is in business, art, design, marketing, information technology or human resources, there are always plenty of positions on offer with highly competitive wages and the chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the retail industry.


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