We check out the Nottingham Evening Post for jobs

If you read our job advice regularly, you'll no doubt be aware that we often tell our readers about the virtues of checking out local based resources when it comes to their job search. Not only will they have a better knowledge of the company and area in question, but they'll also face mush less competition from fellow job hunters, and stand a far greater chance of nabbing the job they have dreamt of for so long.

But how exactly does the Nottingham Evening Post jobs section fare against some of the more established job sites on the net? We decided to take a look and check it out.

Run by jobsite.co.uk, the Nottingham Evening Post jobs section features all the latest listings for both part time and full time employment in and around the Nottingham area. It boasts an impressive range of roles across a number of industries with everything from retail to information technology to administration to financial jobs available at the click of a button.

While it may not be the most pretty of sites to look at, it certainly does the job of delivering the latest job information to you with minimal fuss, and that's what all the best job sites set out to do.

We will admit that we were slightly disappointed by the fact that it doesn't seem to have quite as many job postings as some of the other local sites we've seen in the past, but this may be down to the fact that the East Midlands is having quite a tough time of it at the moment, and there simply aren't all that many positions available.

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