Fantastic construction jobs in Nottingham

Are you in Construction in Nottingham looking for jobs? Well if so, there are plenty of ways to try find that construction job to suit your needs.

If you had time to spare you could pop into the local recruitment agency where you would find a recruitment consultant happy to answer any question or query that you may have. He or she could even suggest jobs that are available to suit your qualifications.

Another reliable source of finding construction jobs in Nottingham is the local newspapers such as the Nottingham Post and the Nottingham Evening Post, with hundreds of construction jobs advertised each day.

Perhaps, the quickest way of finding the right job for you would be the internet with so many sites to choose from.

Whether you are a plumber, plasterer, labourer or engineer you can be sure to see a job advertised online to suit you.

One such website, Localrecruit.co.uk advertises that they are currently working with a specialist in Renewable Energy that are looking for a project manager to be based from their Nottinghamshire based office. The role will be the management of Ground Source heating installations across the East Midlands and rest of the UK. You will be responsible for the complete installation. The jobs wage packet is advertised at £40000 - £45000 per annum.

This site also gives you the option of uploading a cv, allowing employers to view which could give you a surprise of job offers.

So what's the wait? Follow a few simple steps and get your new career on the move.


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